An experienced astrologer lists every zodiac sign's dating red flag.

Everyone has their own warning signs, regardless of how much we may not want to accept it.

When it comes to dating, warning signs, also known as red flags, are issues with someone's behavior.

that might potentially cause problems. Sometimes, these signs are simple to see. Studies have shown that on average,

within 42 minutes and 29 seconds of a first date, the majority of individuals knew whether they would advance to a second date or not,

 demonstrating that the first impression truly does matter.Recently, a growing number of people have been using the colors green, red,

and beige on flags as a shortcut or cheat code for compatibility.

A green flag, analogous to a green checkmark,

denotes an aspect of a person that is regarded favorably, while a beige flag denotes a characteristic that is neither regarded favorably nor unfavorably.

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