Astrologers name the unfriendliest Zodiac Sign.

Some people are always smiling and love to say hello, while others keep their heads down and try to avoid small conversation at all costs. 

The latter may not consider other people's sentiments and have a more difficult time building friendships. 

They're a touch gruff and rude, and they exude an aura of unfriendliness.

 Although they may just be more introverted or prefer to concentrate on their job at hand, astrology might also play a role.

Continue reading to learn about the unfriendliest zodiac signs, ranging from remote to consttantly Antisocial

These air signs enjoy their alone time, dislike making new relationships, and might seem impersonal. 

Aquarius will not approach strangers on the street or converse with folks in the grocery store checkout line. They have a reputation for being distant

but if you're already in their orbit, you could get a glimpse of their friendlier side—but don't bank on it.

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