Astrology fans may now find zodiac stuff on Bumble.

Is it true that it's written in the stars? Bumble released weekly tailored astrological content in-app this week

– with astrologer Aliza Kelly assisting you in finding a star-crossed partner.

Bumble members in the United States may access the new astrology channel under the chats screen in Bumble's Date mode on Tuesdays,

"Astrology Tuesdays." There will be weekly updates with topics such as zodiac sign dating recommendations, relationship advice,

– what your astrological chart truly signifies, an investigation of the main three placements: sun, moon, and rising, and more.

Additionally, users who interact with the astrological material will gain free access to Bumble's Zodiac Filter every Tuesday,

According to TechCrunch, there will also be information centered on particular astrological events and how the various star signs may navigate them,

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