Astrology's Reality Show to Binge-Watch

Every zodiac sign is associated with a unique set of features and attributes that help define an individual's personality.

Although reality television is experiencing something of a revival at the moment, the genre is by no means a novel phenomena in the field of entertainment. 

There is something about the drama, intrigue, 

and larger-than-life personalities that keeps you going back for more, and this holds true for the early breakthrough blockbusters

like Big Brother and The Bachelor as well as the current crop of viral superstars like Love Island.

True fans of pop culture are aware of the relevance and influence that reality shows have on popular entertainment as well as fame and professional achievement,

despite the fact that these programs often receive a poor rap for being low-brow or vulgar. 

These performances are a direct representation of the culture that is prevalent at any particular point of time, 

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