Based on your zodiac sign, which Animal Crossing Villager are you?

There are nearly 400 distinct villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with one for each of the twelve zodiac signs.

There are twelve residents in Animal Crossing: New Horizons who best correspond to each of the zodiac signs.

There are approximately 400 distinct creatures that may live on a player's island, making it the franchise's greatest pool of characters to date.

These people represent over a dozen different species, each with its own distinct features and characteristics,

and it's simple to observe the parallels between specific inhabitants and the many astrological signs.

Although there are only a limited amount of villager personalities and interests in AC:NH, these, together with the many species and overall distinct looks of each one,

result in an extraordinarily diversified lineup of animals. Female villagers may have four different personalities: Normal, Snooty, Peppy, or Sisterly,

while male villagers might have Lazy, Jock, Smug, or Cranky. Out of all 413 eligible villagers,

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