Based on your Zodiac sign, which Good Omens character are you?

Do you have a favorite character from Good Omens? We're sure there's a reason behind this - maybe they're your zodiac companion!

Let's find out together, shall we? Shax is a determined demon who is eager to show herself and advance in Hell.

Isn't it the most Aries thing you've ever heard? Shax is not a natural leader, but she has the charm and confidence of one.

The strong-willed witch was born on April 30 for a reason: this day is recognized as Walpurgis Night,

also known as the Night of the Witches (what a great Easter egg from Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett!).

 The Taurus in Anathema makes her alert and clever. The most popular angel is a classic Gemini. 

Aziraphale is inquisitive and nimble, particularly when it comes to his ineffable spouse, 

but his overthinking may lead to his nervous system's demise. He's a darling, but he needs to calm down.

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