Friendship Day special: Expert names top five zodiac friendships

Sometimes, friendships present challenges that must be overcome. It is not a given that you will get along well with each and every one of your buddies.

There will be some fantastic interactions, but others can leave you feeling unhappy.

Learn from Dr. Madhu Kotiya, a relationship coach as well as a spiritual and psychic healer,

as she presents the top five zodiac pairings that build the most beautiful friendships the heavenly universe has to offer. 

These pairings are based on the zodiac signs.According to Dr.

Kotiya, the relationship between an Aries and a Gemini makes for the most attractive and charming friendship. 

She claims that Gemini and Sagittarius both have an insatiable curiosity and a burning desire to figure out the answers to life's big questions.

"Their harmonious union is akin to a captivating dance, endlessly conversing and embarking on wondrous escapades together, 

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