Peacock's Zodiac Killer Myth: Every Major Reveal in the True Crime Documentary Explained

With so many streaming platforms flooding the digital environment these days,

 the only way for these digital entertainment channels to stand out is to thrive in a certain niche or genre. Netflix seems to have found solace in overseas 

programming, notably Korean dramas and Indian crime programs.

MAX will always have its own niche, whether animated or live-action, as long as they hold exclusive rights to DC-related stuff.

While Hulu remains relevant due to Disney Plus subscribers, and Prime Video seems to be poised for all kinds of superhero programming in the near future,

Peacock appears to be the place to be for true-crime documentaries.

NBCUniversal is moving forward with yet another production that posits a fresh idea on a nationally recognized and unresolved criminal case, 

with names like John Wayne Gacy: Devil In Disguise and Who Killed Robert Wone? and countless more titles launched on the app.

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