Swimwear Trends to Try According to Your Zodiac Sign

Shopping for swimwear may be stressful, but it doesn't have to be, particularly with a little assistance from the stars.

Rather of obsessing about what's hot, let your birth chart and experienced astrologist Lisa Stardust lead you to the swimsuit that's most suited to your zodiac sign.

While the findings may be surprising, we guarantee you'll be captivated to these intelligent swimsuit trend suggestions.

Don't worry if the swimsuit trend corresponding to your zodiac sign doesn't call to you. Instead, check out the swimwear and style

recommendations from Stardust for your rising, moon, and sun signs (which you can discover right here).

Now sit back, relax, and prepare to fall in love with this year's greatest swimsuit styles depending on your astrological sign.

According to Stardust, a more athletic atmosphere fits this fiery sign. Aries can't go wrong with a bright, eye-catching neon solid or patterned suit.

Stardust advises a black bikini with supporting underwire for this sensual sign that appreciates both comfort and flair.

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