zodiac signs that attract the most attention, listed

While it is true that everyone needs some TLC from time to time, the most attention-seeking zodiac signs

that a permanent place in the limelight is a little price to pay for the pleasure of knowing them.

Depending on our astrological makeup, some zodiac signs want to take the lead in what they are naturally excellent at and bask in the limelight,

, whilst others prefer to do their own thing without the attention that comes with a job well done.

So, whose camp do you belong to? Here's a deeper look at the zodiac signs that attract the most attention, ordered from most to least.

This fiery sign, ruled by the sun, naturally attracts the attraction of a giant ball of rolling fire in every talk.

Their natural habitat is basking in the spotlight—good luck getting a word in once they have the metaphorical mike.

You were made to look: by hijacking the team Slack on what to get for lunch with photographs of a sushi platter they previously had at a Tokyo fish market.

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